FPA: Alternatives to 'Guesstimates'


APF: A Decision Making Tool

FATTO provides many consultancy services, one of them being the use of Function Point Analysis with the end goal of measuring functional size and eventually helping with the appraisal of a software application. Such service was offered to a software system for an online retailer that positions itself within the Money Orders industry.

There are various reasons to attribute a value to a software application. The following list mentions some of those reasons:

  • Account software as part of the organization’s assets
  • Sell the application to another company
  • Confirm the appraisal of a third party
  • Identify which components are considered as the most valuable
  • Analyze if it’s worth developing new software or if it’s better to buy
  • Helps in the cost and duration implication evaluation related to software  decisions
  • Helps  in the decision making related to risk  management 

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YES WE CAN With Function Points and FATTO


Don't miss the latest ‘MetricViews’: The July 2014 Edition. It contains a couple of articles from two of our consultants: "Software Contracting and Management using Function Points" and "Function Points Leveraging Transparency and Enabling Control Over Software Procurement" by Guilherme Siqueira and Carlos Eduardo Vazquez. It´s now online and available for download.



Contracting and Management Software using Function Points



Guilherme Siqueira Simôes and his article "Contracting and Management Software using Function Points" as part of the IFPUG magazine: METRIC VIEWS. Guilherme shared his experience as a consultant and instructor through this publication, and we invite you to read it and give us your opinion to enrich the use of metrics in project management from a strategic perspective. 




 Function Points Leveraging Transparency and Enabling Control Over Software Procurement 



Carlos Eduardo Vazquez and his article "Function Points Leveraging Transparency and Enabling Control Over Software Procurement" were part of the IFPUG magazine: METRIC VIEWS July Edition. We invite you to read and share with us your opinion about it. His experience as a consultant let us know how to control over software procurement.