Changes are coming to the CFPP/CFPS Exam Process!

IFPUG is proud to announce the signing of a new contract with International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) for Providing Service that will offer Certification Exams in the future for IFPUG Members.



iSQI, headquartered in Potsdam (Germany) with subsidiaries in Boston (USA), London (UK) and Amstelveen (NL), is honored to be the official Certification Exam provider of IFPUG.



The new partnership with iSQI is great news for both IFPUG and the IFPUG members as it allows anyone to take certification exams or renew their certification exams electronically either in groups with an iSQI invigilator (proctor) or remotely at the member’s convenience in their own environment – in a private office or in your very own home.



In 2007 IFPUG started to provide automated Certifications for CFPS/CFPP. This was a great leap for IFPUG and made it possible to offer an alternative to the paper based certification exams that could only be offered in connection with IFPUG Conferences or in a regional setting.



In recognition that IFPUG needs to offer Certifications worldwide to our members and the fact that the technology has changed since 2007, IFPUG has decided to offer the exams using a remote secured technology called FLEX. As a result, it will also be possible to take the Certification Exam using a proctored computer based exams approach (called SMEX), when certifications exams can be offered in groups, for example, in connection with a Conference or group training.



How does a Remote Secure Certification Exam work?



The remote Certification Exam solution requires a solid internet connection, a microphone as well as a web-cam. A clean desk and empty examination room is required. The Certification Exam will be monitored using the web-cam as well as recorded sound.


The Certification Exam questions will have the same look and feel as in the old Certification Exam using a similar Automated ProMetric site-based approach.



Since this new alliance, Fatto - Consultoría y Sistemas has managed to register and obtain approving results in its students through this modality. The CPFS Certification Preparation Course is designed to train the student through test drills. Its purpose is to be successful in the test and thus become a specialist in Function Points.



In addition to having a certified tutor in the subject, the course has an online and remote methodology. The person can organize his time and set the schedule that best suits him.


Take advantage of this opportunity and become a specialist!


New Course: COSMIC Exam Preparation




This course aims to prepare for the COSMIC Exam Certification. It offers the conditions and coaching for success:

  • Present COSMIC Certification Entry-Level (CCFL).
  • Provide feedback, tips and guidelines for the exam.
  • Offer a review of concepts, rules, definitions, measurement procedures and practices according to the COSMIC Measurement Manual.
  • Help with time management and identifying knowledge gaps.
  • Provides computer-based exam simulation.

It does not replace individual preparation for the test but supports and complements it. Participation in thiscourse does not guarantee a passing grade for the exam. Student involvement is essential to the success. The instructor will be available throughout the course. It offers much more than a set of exam simulations. The exam preparation is not just doing exam simulation. Through the support of mentors, a specific guidance according to the student performance is provided.


COSMIC Certification Exam in Brasil





On Saturday, April 16 th tooked place in Vitória- ES, another international certification exam by the functional method of software measuring COSMIC , a newer method about Function Point Analysis.


This was the first time that this test was applied in Brazil in version 4.0 of the COSMIC manual. Of the 12 candidates , 9 won approval , 7 of these are belong to FATTO team. This certification is to ensure that the certified professional has the minimum knowledge needed to apply the COSMIC method correctly and consistently.


You can get more information about COSMIC certificate by this following links:


COSMIC Exam Preparation


Software Measurement and Estimation using COSMIC





Ten Fundamental Questions about Function Point Analysis


These are the ten most frequently asked questions about Function Point Analysis in our trainings, workshops and consulting services. 


1. What is Function Point Analysis? What is A Function Point?

2. Who created Function Points Analysis? Why it was created?

3. Is the Function Point Analysis technique owned by some company?

4. What are Function Point Analysis benefits?

5. Is it necessary to be a software developer to do Function Point Analysis?

6. Who uses Function Point Analysis in the world?

7. What tools are suitable for support and/or to automate the use of FPA?

8. Why automatic tools cannot correctly count function points?

9. What kind of software can be measured by Function Points?

10. Is it possible to use FPA in a project using agile methodology?


You can find their answers in the following article. It was published on the Latest Online Edition of MetricViews. 



The article can be downloaded as a PDF here